Cold never bothered me anyway Collage.pngHey Guys! So for this post i’m gonna get my wintery look going.. I love adventure anything involve moving, swifting, speed i’m interested! .. These poses when I saw them were screaming my name! Along with this fashionable fit I put together but all comfy at the same time looked about right.. Hope you guys like the post!




Hat: SeVered GarDeN Chapka Hat (Came with an outfit) Dark

Hair: *Besom* (Laced) Brown Pack

Shirt : {ViVi} (Leslee Long Sleeve Turtleneck) White

Vest: *Epic* (Kawaii Heart Attack Ski Vest) Liquorice

Pants: Villena (H/W Leggings) White

Boots: Focus Poses (Ski Boots)

Ski Props: Focus Poses @ Winter Trend 2015


Sim Location:   Winter Flakes

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