flower love1flower love2

So I am finding myself gearing a bit towards Décor .. So sometimes i’m inspired and sometimes i’m not but I have a small passion for it So every now and again this will happen 🙂 Hope you will start to like them as I push forward towards it.

Apple Fall (Vintage Camera w/Tripod)

LAGOM (Arabella walk in mannequin) Rare @ Kawaii Project

LAGOM (Sakura Sweetness -Table) Gacha

+Half-Deer+ (Open Suitcase) Snow

+Half-Deer+ (Luxury Toys Kitty) Snow

Fancy Décor (Blossom Cake) Group Gift New!

*LODE* (Spiderwort Wreath) White , Pink @ Chapter Four

*LODE* (Requiem) Berries , Pale Sun, White @ Uber

*LODE* (Spiderwort Flowers) Violet, Red, White @ Chapter Four


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