For a long time I have contemplated in my head about doing this… for some time now.. A few months ago I put a blog name together, then I just decided to put it on the backburner lol once again.. I think the time has come for me to be able to put what i’m about into this blog. My Style isn’t a one way or a two way, to be truly honest i’m not really sure which way it is lol.. But I’ve been a photographer for about four years, and i’d like to say that it has improved so much through the years of being in Second Life..

I have an eye for delicate things that surround me.. Most of the time I don’t even think to put things together I just tuck them all together at once and see how it fits, I have a weird uncommon style most times.. but I do have a very well reserved fashion style as well.. This blog will be about rarity and class a bit of eccentric-ness added into the bunch as well..I really don’t hope to be anything other than me, It’s not all about fashion to me.. It should be about what you love adding a dash of old and new into what suits you best… Being myself is important to me.. Staying true to who I am.. If you’re kinda style means wearing some net gloves and a long satin dress then you ROCK just that..

One last thing I love would be exploring Second Life for what it is… I’ve been to so many Wondrous places, and A lot of my inspiration when it comes to what I wear partakes into that.. I’ll be sharing that along with you My travels different areas about.. I really hope that you can find this kind of blog interesting. I am just wanting to share a bit of my private world with you all.. Thank you so much ♥

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